Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hill Country Ride and some Arizona Fun on the way 2004 & 2005

An unusual BLOG!  A lot of pictures here.  I may go back sometime and put in captions.   But, if you get through the ones without captions, eventually you will find some I made from an older blog.  Some redundant pictures, some new ones.  A few of Joker, which is what gave me the idea to look for these pictures and do the new blog.  Hope you enjoy it, it should bring back some good memories.
Let me know if you'd like more captions...

Lanny (Big Lefti) from his Nomad days.

Biglefti in his Arizona riding gear. This pictures in this blog were all from 2004 or 2005, and all from either vroc Arizona or the Hill Country Ride. They aren't in good order. If you were there you'll know, if you weren't, it won't make any difference :-) Hope you enjoy some of these good memories.

Tony D. picked this place, famous for Chicken and Waffles. The food wasn't great, but it sure was a fun place to go! There's the NoClass Eak!

Craig Scott and Slick (then pug, or snickers or something I can't remember:-)

Sandy and Skid, woofing down some lemonade.

The waffles weren't bad, but the chicken was...well, like my mother used to tell me, if you can't say anything good about something, don't say, I'll not mention the chicken

Kevin (Zfreaky1) and his youngest. Haven't heard from Kevin, last time I saw him, he was deep into medical school and didn't have much time or money to play.

Jack is messaging this nice red bike,

Tony D. all bundled up for a cool morning ride in the desert.

Karl, Skid and Biglefti

Zfreaky1. Was this the day he had the flat tire? I don't remember for sure, but it might have been.

Karl and Jack doing a last minute route check..I don't think any of us had a GPS then. Maybe Jack had a hand held, if I remember right.

This one of the first outings with the Green was a very fun ride!

Utemike, looking tall and handsome.

Jack Foree, looking hungry.

Skid and Jim (Rev) just looking.

Craig Scott came all the way from the Frozen North just to tackle this hot dog. It was made with a good Brat from Mel and the guys at D&D Cycle. They put on a fine feed for us.

Lanny passed on the steak and had a Brat too..Maybe more than one.

Carol and Jim..We just don't see enough of this couple! Last I heard they were traveling extensively in the North East, and were going to buy a new Voyager when they got home.

This may have been a Cooper's picture, but I'm thinking it was somewhere else.

Pam and Thomas. And I think that is Fergy at the table, so it must be at the HCR.

This is a picture of Coopers BBQ for sure. Skid and Sandy are enjoying their lunch.

I think this was the year I went light..there will be more pics of Coopers farther down the blog somewhere.

I think Thomas was having the vegetarian special here (yeah, right!)

Tigra, an ex-ROK representive. This was the year Kawasaki came to the Hill Country Ride.

Flash and Coyote.

One of Cooper's "pits"...makes me hungry just looking at it!

Sandy on a Texas Road side.

Skid and his Texas that a dipstick next to a sign...or..........

Skid and Coyote. Seems like for a few years there, every time I was at a rally with John, he fixed my laptop from doing something....thanks again, John.

Pop Pop Zimmerman, Utemike and the Brown Trout! My little trailer was busy this trip:-)

Barb 4E and Beverly.

Phylis Romo on here pretty Fat Boy

Skid giving his "sly" look.

This must have been a different year, since I was riding the "wolf" bike.

Pop Pop.

Mark (trout) Utemike and Jim

The "masked man" is Craig Scott. He rode the V-Strom down from Edmondton, AB with Jim Siegelaar. (hope I spelled that right)

Jim and Carol.


Bad Bikers in the Bluebonnets.

Loaded and leaving the AZ rally, enroute Fredericksburg, TX and the HCR.

Beverly, Barb and Sandy waiting for breakfast.

Craig Scott. We learned his age today, he's not as young as he looks!

Jim Siegelaar, from Alberta, Canada.

I unloaded and road into Juarez early in the morning on my way through El Paso. Probably spent and hour or so, and had a good Mexican breakfast. Now days, I probably wouldn't do it..but then again, maybe I would. I've never had any trouble in Mexico.

I was looking for a pharmacy, went in this one to get some face cream for Pat. Much cheaper down in old Mexico.

The I-10 truckers call this "The Ready Indian"

Yep, looks like I'm in West Texas now.

Someone's front yard. I love it!

The "wolf" bike make it to Luckenbach!

There are usually "pickers" in the little bar behind the store in Luckenbach.

The famous restrooms in Luckenbach. Some might important people have hung out here..Like Willie Nelson, and Wiliedog.

Funny shirt.

This looks like a Joker!

The bbq pit man. Wonder how many of his cigarette ashes have fallen into the pits.........

They have two of these big mesquite fire places to get the coals just right to put into the BBQ pits

Can you smell these ribs?

The anticipation is always high at we're waiting around for the others to arrive.

Thomas is pointing to some of his selections.. Wish I had a recent picture to put in next. He's grown taller and thinner since this was taken.

Wiliedog, Pam and Katie. Thomas and Pam are smaller, and Katie is a grown up young lady now.

Never a lot of conversation goes on here. People are too busy enjoying all the good food!

Jack 4E showed up and was sitting with his friends.

Coyote and Skid. Skid's mother thinks he looks like Tom Sellick. It must be the mustache:-)

A giant of a Man. and a giant of a Motorcycle..Wiliedogs new VN2000!

Sandy sporting her Frozen North patch.

Coyoto also had one of those Giant bikes!

Katie and her Dad in a field of flowers. I think this is one of the best pictures I've ever taken.

Similar to another picture, but I think it's a little different.

Love those Texas Bluebonnets!

Katie picking a Texas flower.

Photo op and rest stop on the Willow road.

Fun times.


I think we've all seen this picture before. I took it in a little bar near the Willow Loop. I think this is the one Skid uses for his Facebook photo.

Katie Gates in the same place.

A rest stop at the bar. I can't remember the name of the place.

Skid, Wiliedog and Coyote under the spreading oaks in Luckenbach.

Joker and Flash.

I love this place!

Bump what?

Skid talking with his hands again :-)

Thomas is having a good time..Pam and Katie look like they would rather be shopping

The new brick is in place!

A good place for a picture. This was the old Post Office for years. Luckenbach is no longer incorporated, and isn't even an official town anymore. But, there is the store, the bar and the dance hall. And a lot of memories. What more do you need?

Fredericksburg has a lot of good places to eat. And, a couple of excellent bakeries too!

The parking lot in Luckenbach.

Piper enjoying his dinner.

Big Al..he rode in on a new Victory.

Piper laying next to my bike, taking pics of the flowers.

Indian paintbrushes along the road

57 Dave and Joker

Wired George, "the carburetor man"

Skid and I in front of Coopers.

The line can be long just before opening at 11 AM

I can't remember exactly why I was riding with Skid...I think my bike was already loaded or something.

The Photo op in front of the Luchenbach store.

Some tough looking bikers.

Jim and Carol. On the way home from this one. Jim ran into a wild Javelina and munched his foot.
A "Must Visit" for I-10 travelers. I spend an hour reading all the history of Judge Roy Bean and his little place in Texas.

After about 10 miles of Texas road construction in a thunderstorm. It' took hours to get the clay off after it dried.

Another Mexican Pharmacy and liquor store

Back in Arizona, Lisa smoking one of John's cigars.

Not sure of the nic at this time, but he's Slick now..fits him well

More roadside flowers

Utemike, Barb (resting in the grass) and I think that's Sandy pointing.

Barb and Jack, Mike and Craig Scott at breakfast.

Kelly's Kawasaki. We're here to support Mark Brown (trout) while he picks up his hew 1600 Nomad.

Lisa and Phylis.

Jack and Barb.

Carol and Jim.

Sandy and Skid.

Sherm with a lapful!

The outside fireplace at the Dobson Ranch, the Kaw Pasture for this year.

Another bike in front of the store in Luckenbach.

Oldman and Flash.

The latest brick.

Wiliedog, Coyote and Old man.

Inside the men's room..Looks the same as other years, but usually a few new plates added

A happy brother Coyote.

Joker and Flash

Linda ('lil' doc) and Manjo made it to the HCR this year

Sandy and 'lil' doc.

I think this was in the Mexican restaurant in Fredericksburg..Why eat Mexican in a German town??? because it's good...

X and Runt.. sad.....

The Original VROC Rooster..haven't heard from him in a while..

Skid is smiling about something! We like that!

A restaurant somewhere.

Skid and 57 Dave. Two weeks ago we lost Dave..Here, he's happy about winning a nice jack to wear on his Harley!

57 Dave wins a Kawasaki jacket!

A full parking lot

Two good friends. And then there was one...................................

This is in Tennessee. I was going on to the SEVROC at Maggie Valley, but came down with a terrible turned around and headed back to the West Coast.

Fresh corn cakes at the Casey Jones Buffet

Brown's Country Buffet and Casey Jones Buffet's are a couple of the best in the South.

A little New Mexican town on the way home.